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oh my god....this was so accurate its scary!!

PsyriSILVER Member
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Ha ha ha ha ha! Very funny, only one was wrong...

AjtagThe occasional one...
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THANK YOU!! im going to do some chemistry now

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flokiGOLD Member
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Red_RaveNGOLD Member
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I knew this test... Great: o ) allways a pleasure to do it again and again: o ) especially that "It's just a f***ing color!" part: o )

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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flidBRONZE Member
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cool, my wish of being raped by a rabid goat has been predicted as to come true!!

Thistleold hand
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Are we nearly there yet?

Dark Pixiemember
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That was funny. Makes a nice, refreshing change from the usual crap that sad people who have nothing else to do send to other people (like yours truly) who couldn't give a crap and quite frankly, get pi$$ed off at being sent these stupid 'fortune tellers that really work, its sooooooooo freaky!'.

Anyway....... i liked it.......

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