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Posted:Hi, Unfortunately due to being away (from internet too) recently and my complete noobieness I didn't get my stuff into gear and get tickets to Common Ground!!!

If anyone knows of one spare floating around, please please please let me know. CG 09 will be my 1st fire twirling festival and I really don't want to miss out on such an awesome opportunity!

Cheers all.

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Posted:I missed out too frown

Last year a few spare tickets popped up in the few days before it started, so you might get lucky.


Posted:I live in Melbourne and wanna book flights.

There simply must be a way to get a ticket! I will pay double-triple for anyone willing to forgo their ticket.

I was so excited to go to this and just screwed up due to holidays, lacking internet and thinking there was plenty of time.


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Posted:frown good luck guys! grouphug

pyrolific & katinca have said this is likely to be the last cg that they'll be organising (though i'm sure other adelaideans will take up the challenge for next year!!) so i don't know if there will be many people willing to give up a ticket too easy! but ya never know your luck! smile

poifull - i would definitely NOT book flights until you have a ticket to common ground - they've already made it very clear that people rocking up without tickets is not okay.

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Posted:poifull_spirit - Hi, you are not the only one who missed out on tickets this year, and I have had many emails asking me to squeeze a few more in, with also the suggestion of giving me their first born etc. The truth of the matter is there is no more room on site, and its a small festival, as more ppl know about it, more ppl want to buy tickets and so the sell out fast. They sold out within 6 weeks of going on sale last year and this year they sold out within a month, I am sure it would have been quicker if paypal didn't fall over.

So sorry pal, but you will have to wait until the next one (not sure when that will be)...

HOWEVER.... I can strongly recommend the Melbourne JUggline Convention!

Love and Light

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Posted:I second Katinca's post regarding Melbourne Juggling convention, there are still tickets available last time i checked, and I highly recommend it! grin


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Posted:woot! MJC! Brenn are you going to MJC? and poiboy come to MJC, its the next best thing for spinners. and ill be there! but im one of those lucky ones who also got a common ground ticket.. grin