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Location: bremen, germany

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I was wondering if there are people from Bremen, Germany active on this board?
i spin most of the time alone of with my room mate, and now we met another guy who spins aswel but it would be fun if theres more peoples out there that would like to spin.

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Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

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Mein name ist Malin, und ich bin Schwedisch, aber will in August (um 20-23. August) mit einer Freundin nach Bremen fahren.

Ho ho, my German is kinda bad, but I'd like to get some practise. Anyway, we'll be in Bremen for a day or two, maybe we could get together in a park or something to do some spinning?

Both my friend and I have been spinning constantly for about a month, and we'll bring our poi on the small Euro-trip we're making in August.

It'd be fun to meet some German spinners smile





Location: Aachen Germany

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Posted:Hey my names Dan. I live in Aachen. but my girl friend has family in Bremen so we come up pretty regularly do you have a day or time that you guys usually meet up. by the way im pretty sure Bremen has a poi club that meets every monday in the park

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Posted:Wenn Du kannst, such mich auf FB (Tom Shanti oder InJuCo)... zwei gute Freunde von mir sind aus Bremen (Gordon und Ying) und sollten weiterhelfen knnen.

Gute Reise smile

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