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Member Since: 7th Apr 2009
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Posted:Hey HOP people,

This is my first video. I have been spinning for about a year so far and with the helping hand of a good friend of mine (who is an excellent artist) we created this video. There is not a whole lot of technical spinning in here, just some playing around in my driveway.

Thanks for watching guys. Tell me what you think.


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Posted:Beautifully edited, some nice work in there. Looks great when you look into the camera, and good to see lots of smiling! smile Slow motion fire eating also brilliant, keep up the good work smile

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Posted:looks very great and i love this slow motion effect and the wholo movie - look forward to see more of your videos.



Member Since: 14th Mar 2008
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Posted:Nice one!! I loved all the effects and the editing!

A good video which smells freshness and smile!

Keep up the good work! clap


Member Since: 7th Apr 2009
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Posted:Aww thanks guys.


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Member Since: 27th Jul 2009
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Posted:Nice vid. Entertaining!

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Posted:That was really cool man. the effects the smiling, looking at the camera, music even the costume all came together to make a great vid.