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Posted:Calling All Artists! Parisole Arts Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to art awareness, and artist education, collaboration and promotion presents its first annual artist workshop, Mixed Media. This two-day workshop allows artists the opportunity to enhance their craft or learn a new one plus network with other local artists about artist space and meetups as well as provide feedback to help shape the artist community.

Day 1 - Talented artists will hold educational workshops teaching business ethics; skill toys (staff, hula hoop, etc.); aerials; object manipulation; dance and fire manipulation.

Day 2 - Community representatives and artists review what's locally available (classes, workshops and resources) as well as provide an interactive open forum for attendees to submit their feedback for what types of opportunities they would like to see in their community.

This event is appropriate for performers, art lovers, those that support the arts, or those who create it visually.

Registration $10 (free for members).


Need more info? Wanna help out? Contact me here or offlist a awiedner@parisolearts.org

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