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Posted:Hi all,

As of today we have introduced our new logo in a black color to the current website (top left corner).

Our New Website is still a few months away from being completed.

However all our cards and invoices do contain the new logo. So to remove any confusion and also create confusion we decided to start you getting used to the shape of the new logo.

So yeah, there it is smile

May your balls always burn

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Posted:tchu tchuuuuuuu

errm buton a sidenote, my HoP is not stopping to load (according to the FF tab on the top).... [ed - now it stopped... just took a long time]

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Posted:Originally Posted By: Malcolm
Our New Website is still a few months away from being completed.

Our new what now??? eek

Bloody hell! I leave civilisation for a couple of months...

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted:Originally Posted By: Mr Majestikif the new website is coming up, is it going to affect the boards at all?

i think i liked the old one more, but i can see that the change is slick and definitely more practical.

what he said

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Posted:Originally Posted By: Mr Majestik....perhaps even the Logo encircling the name? it does seem somewhat insignificant compared to the words.

I agree, letters in the logo would look good smile

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Posted:Well, to be honest, it'll always be HOP to me, so I could care less.

I think it's pretty, though. Whoever designed it gets...erm...what are the kids saying these days... "hella propz"?


-Mike )'(
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Posted:I agree with Mike, it will always be HoP to me. As long as the URL doesn't change, I say go for it!

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Posted:The logo/name text as I see it all looks a bit pixelated and blurry. Other than that it's a wee bit dull but ok. It doesn't scream out at me "Poi", but it doesn't repulse me either... it's just kind of nondescript. I'm also not a fan of the mustard green colour on the sneak preview you showed us. As a background it's a bit hard on the eye and as a font colour it's just going to be hard to read.

I applaud your tireless work to keep the site up to date and modern and thank you for keeping this community running. I'm sure whatever you finally decide on we will get used to it.

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Posted:I sort of like it , but I think the earlier sidebar image with the stick figure doing Poi on a black backround might look good to. smile


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Posted:I kinda miss the oldschool little Poi man... but this new logo style is pretty snazzy.

Don't mind me, just passing through.


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Posted:I like it. smile

Looking forward to new site and so on. smile

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Posted:Looks great, more serious than the last one.
It gives that fancy idonnowhat that everybody likes.


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