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Posted:Hay Guys ,

Im looking for someone to teache me poi.

i live in Narrabeen , Northern beaches Sydney

i d/loaded all i can from youtube but its hard doing it alone .

i can do the 3/5 beat forward and reverse , and do a few other funkie little things but i need to get better.

Anyone that could help i would much apreciate it



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Posted:There's a brave man putting his e-mail addresses and phone number on the internet for all to see... You might want to re-consider that.

I've also moved this to the "Meet others" section as that's what it's for smile

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Posted:Sunday nights at Shelley Beach (Manly) from dark, friday nights at Milsons Point under the Harbour Bridge from about 7.

I can't guarantee much attendance during the winter months though, us sydneysiders are generally afraid of the cold.

There are always plenty of spinners at Monday night meetings for Circusoc at UNSW in Kensington (baring rain), from about 5, but that might be a bit far for you.

Also, Newtown Jugglers has some spinners around, Wednesdays from 7:30.


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