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Posted:Hey guys,

Just wondering how long ones poi should be. I think I read something about arms length, but how do you manage this length when you're doing the buzzsaw? I've practiced with the cords wraped about my hands, but that's a completly different action compared to shortened cords (I hold the cord between my thumb and forefinger and move my hands in circles as opposed to moving just my knuckles with the adjusted length).

So what's the "right" way and how do you guys do it? cool

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Posted:I wrap the cord around my fingers to shorten them and then use a key grip (Thumb and forefinger)

You can do it full length, but it tends to look nicer a bit shorter.




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Posted:Arm's length is the best length to spin at for most moves, however some moves such as the buzzsaw require a shorter cord length as if you had them at arm's length it's much more difficult to maneuver.

As to how short you have it when you do buzzsaw, I think it's down to personal preference. I tend to wrap the poi round my whole hand once and then again round my first two fingers, and then hold the cord between my thumb and first finger. Others may wrap the cord round their whole hand twice.. but definitely at least once round your whole hand to shorten the length. Hope this helps smile

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+ Really doesn't matter in the end, as you can shorten by wrapping them around your hands...

"Armlength" is the common denominator, with the Poi comfortably passing under your armpits... Another measure can be that they don't knock the floor when you extend your arms...

Train an easy way to wrap them around your hands, so you can vary lengths (and speed)... variation is one key

Make shure you choose a comfortable chain for fire... tacky ones can eat your fingers...

hope that helped

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Posted:Wrap them around your hands to shorten them as you're learning the movements. Elbow length is a good place to start. Once you're comfortable with using planes inside your arms, you'll be able to let them out more but probably the max length you'll be able to do is just shy of the distance from your thumb knuckle to your chest.




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Posted:Thanks guys that really helped. I'm using the key grip, but I might wait till I try with fire. wink



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Posted:Personally, I like spinning with long poi, but hey, I'm "old skool" ( but I prefer the term "classic spinner" so i do a buzzsaw by wrapping my poi around my hands twice. I don't like my buzzsaw length too long as shorter chains give me room to move around more and lessen the worry that I'm going to smack myself in the face with my toys.

It's not such a big deal if I'm going to just stand there doing a buzzsaw but is sure is an issue if i want to turn the buzzsaw on it's side and play around with it by pulling it apart and reassembling it.

One fun trick is to spin one poi at buzzsaw length and the other at regular length, say..doing a weave. It gives an *isolation like* effect without all the pain and embarrassment of doing a proper isolation.



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Posted:Stout: I also go with long poi compared to everyone else in town.

Must play with length changes some....

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Posted:Hi guys, I'm new here but thought I'd give my two cents anyways.

I like to keep my poi as long as possible for most things, gives you more versitility I find as you can always wrap them around your hands when you need to.

As for buzzsaw, I tend to wrap a couple of times around my hands (over the back of the hand first). Anything less than that and I'll be setting fire to my chin.

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