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Location: Krakw (Cracow), Poland


My name is Kate and I'm from Poland. At this summer with my boyfirend I will be traveling around Spain. We are poor students so we will tray do it in cheap way. We look for somebody who can give as place to sleep ( pice of floor or bed or pice of garden where we can pitch tent) in Madrit at night form 8 to 9 July, in Valencia from 9 to 11 July and in Barcelona from 12 to 16 July.

We are very nice and polite people, non-smoking, I'm firefans and poi spiner, my boyfirend are staff spiner.

If you or yours friends can help as, I will be very greatefull.

My email:

Greatings from Poland


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Hey Kate, mmmmh I'm not sure whether you will have the desired impact with this thread in this particular forum...

Many do not pass by "Social Discussion" but would rather frequent the "Meet others" section in the "International" forum (down the forum list)... there you would also be able to search for users in Spain and could contact them directly.

hope that helps a bit - enjoy your travels and best of life smile

(never read someone writing "we're completely horrible and obnoxious, GIVE US a place to sleep now!" laugh3 wink )

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

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