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Posted:not that I'm missing a hand or a leg - yet my shoulder is giving me loads of discomfort from that accident (way) back then...

I'm afraid that spinning might not improve it and that it is not going to get any much better over time ... :o|

not so easy spinning I'm afraid (btb moves for me are completely out of the question) - often it feels like dislocated (which it is, but mini)

wonder how many spinners are out there with similar (permanent or temporary) handicaps...


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Posted:Not that I know of but a friend of mine and fellow spinner specializes in spinning with one poi and it's beautiful!

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Posted:well i have mild dysprixia which is a problem with spelling, balence nad hand eye cordination so yeh could say i am mildly handicapped

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Posted:I have a shoulder issue that means I can't do forward btb, but thats about it. Sometimes it means I have to cut my play sessions short to avoid injury.

But really, it doesn't effect me a whole lot.



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