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Posted:I just made a set of some fans just to play around with to see the different things i could do with fire.

i've found a few videos with some basic moves like the weave and spins but nothing super interesting. I've played around with them quite a bit and i want some new things to do--

i was wondering if anyone knew any super cool moves for fans and may possibly have videos or if the fans are just a limited toy altogether...

thanks :}

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Posted:hi! look for vids by Grimm and Memory, they are both very skilled... breaking through on you tube the ideas of limitation with fans. They demonstrated in their workshop that most concepts and moves from staff and poi, can be adapted and interpreted by fan also.

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Posted:Fans can be quite limiting when it comes to 'moves' but were they make up for that in there ability to be used really well alongside the movements of the performer. Maybe you could do some dance classes or belly dancing to supplement your fans performances.

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Posted:From a bit of piddling about with fans - stuff you can look into.

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This one I would like explained....

Or do you mean like cogs meshing or something?

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Posted:Throws and fingerspins if your fans allow it.


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Posted:if you use the folding ones, then there's a whole lot of crossover from doublestaff/clubswinging when they're closed

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Posted:definately guys-- i really appreciate it--

i'm excited to check all this stuff out grin


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Posted:I have to disagree that fans are limiting. There are some really awesome and difficult tricks that can be done with fans and some concepts are even unique to the prop. Here's 5 videos from Grimm, Corey, and Memory that demonstrate loads of different techniques, concepts, and ideas for manipulation.

Chuu Chuu's for fans
Grimm and his babies

Corey White
Fan Tutorial #1
Fan Tutorial #2

Fan Tech Blog #1

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Posted:I've watched Corey's video's and there were helpful. I'm still learning and it gave me new idea instead of just finger spins. Can't someone just put a dvd together?! x-p

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Posted:far from being limiting, i perhaps play with them more often than other toys for the last few years.
fan throws are my favourite.

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Posted:If you looking for the tutorials, movies, or any other information about fire fans, no doubt you need to visit our site about fans technique:

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