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Posted:What's up guys. I spin alone or at festivals but I really don't know a lot of other spinners in the central NJ area. If anyone gets together and spins I'd love to hang. I usually just do it in my backyard by myself or maybe with a friend or two over, but they don't understand the love of the sport like other spinners do. Also they can't give me any pointers or tell me if everything looks okay ha ha. So in conclusion, if any of you Jersey spinners want to hang out sometime, I'm down!!!

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Posted:Hey Eddie, welcome to the ballroom wave

you will have a good time here, we hop and just to let you know,

in the list of Forums you will find a "meet others" section to see which spinners are near your location... use the "search" button and if you can't find any thread regarding spinnres in the area of NJ then you may opt to start one yourself and might get surprised wink

apart from that there is an "introduction" area where you can let us know more about you... there even is a template or questionnaire to let us know in detail about your dis/likes smile

hope that helped a little bit


errm now I checked once again and there are TWO "meet others" sections... one button is right next to "community" in the top menu and the other is in the "international" on the bottom of the forum list smile


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Posted:hey eddie. I find myself doing the same thing when it comes to my poi spinning. Music festivals and and with my friends. Although i haven't found anybody who spins as well. i live in South Jersey near Marlton or Mt. Laurel in a town called Atco. Im free most of the time and if you can't catch me on here then try on AIM- xXFerrezXx is my name on there. Hope to hear from you soon.



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Posted:AYO! im a fairly new spinner, but I'm actually picking it up quick, i need people to spin with. very capable with in north new jersey on the border of morris and passaic county message me!


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