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Posted:Where to get methanol in the UK ...

I have tried many fuels to get good results with the dyes with little success so I have persisted in sourcing methanol which can be done.

Methanol can be bought off ebay - it is expensive, mostly due to the courier costs, working out about 5 a litre for small quantities or 1 a litre for 25 litres.

However, it is also used by producers of Biodiesel; I found a local supplier and arranged to turn up and buy direct from them. This will probably be the best option for people with a friendly bio diesel supplier locally.

It does burn with very little colour of its own - (blue by night time) and I have been pleased with the results using the dyes on fresh wicks that are only used for one colour of dyed methanol.

Do let me know if this has been useful to you.

Kind regards.


Enjoy !!

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Posted:Thanks Dave. Not sure where our fuel guy has been getting his from, but I'll pass the advice on! smile

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