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daneSILVER Member
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Nick Woolsey of Play Poi and Alien Jon are coming to the U.K

On the 20th and 22th of July they will be running workshops in Calne, near Chippenham. Venue Calne Town Hall

Provisional Timings are (I will update if this changes!)

Monday 20th July :
Poi Foundations: building blocks and scales of poi 18.00 pm-19.45pm

Poi-Chi: teaching poi to your body 1st" 20.15-22.00pm

Tuesday 21st July :
Interlocking Partner Poi: 18.00 pm-19.45pm

Beyond the Basics: Intermediate and Advanced Poi" 20.15-22.00pm

There will be more workshops in around the Uk.

Costs at 1 session 25, 2 for 40, 3 for 60 or all 4 for 75.

Places are limited so please book soon if you would like to secure a place.

you can contact: for bookings or more info.

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bentforkxbentforkxGOLD Member
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Wish this tour was by way of Western Canada!!!


Spinning makes the world go round

daneSILVER Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Work shops as described by Alien Jon....

Mastering the Basics:
The beginner workshops will focus on mastering and playing with The Basics. You will leave the workshop with several new moves and a clear understanding of how to learn poi effectively and where it all goes.

Participants should already be playing with poi, enough to know they enjoy it. Ideally you can do a few basic turns and a forwards 3-beat weave.

The basic curriculum will cover:

An overview of The Basics
Spinning, swinging, pendulums, isolations, and other ways to move the poi
The four basic modes of poi and body movement
-Exploring planes and space
Understanding of variables of rhythm and timing
Foundations of turning with each mode
Crosspoints and focus points
Jiggies and pirouettes
Turning freely with variations of weaves and windmills
Turning freely with variations of opposites and butterflies
Strategies for transitioning freely between moves
Dance and expressive movement

Beyond the Basics: Delving into Advanced Poi Spinning:
These workshops are ideal for those who can play freely with the basics already and have begun exploring advanced moves and concepts. You can find a definition of the basics at We will cover many moves and concepts, and you will not have time to learn and master everything. Rather, you will leave the classes with your head spinning and enough new ideas to keep you busy for a year!


Able to comfortably flow with all the basics (see video).
Enthusiasm for playing with poi! This is NOT the right class for those wishing to learn advanced moves whilst avoiding practice!
Enthusiasm for trying new things and for participating in a class environment.

Topics of the workshops will include as much as possible of the following:


Advanced control of planes
Variations of poi movement: Isolations, extensions, pendulums, inspin, antispin, etc.
Freedom of movement and expression
Stalls and speeds
Variations of flowers
Rhythm and timing
Focus points and mode switching
Cubes and orbing
Linking and tracing
Using focus points for turns, whirling, and beautifying patterns
Pirouettes, whirling, and moving in circles, arcs, and lines on the floor
Creating visual illusions with poi (Bullet time stops, relative stalls, contact-style manipulation)

These workshops are designed to accommodate all levels Beginners start out soaking up knowledge important to their development and end feeling a bit challenged, as concepts are applied at a higher level. Advanced spinners will be reviewing technique they may already know for the 1st half, but almost always find holes they have missed. By the second half they will be into the good stuff!
The workshops are as follows:

"Foundations of interlocking partner poi"
Level: experienced beginner to advanced (if you can do Nick's beginner prerequisites you will be fine)
How to interlock in different patterns with a partner as though you are 2 halves of one body.

"Poi-Chi: teaching poi to your body 1st"
Level: all levels welcome (complete beginners may be challenged once we actually start using poi)
Covers a system of body awareness that is the foundation for how you work with poi. Stepping, turning, the 4 modes with your arms. Much of the workshop is without spinning poi. Then putting it all together and then adding poi
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AlienJonAlienJonGOLD Member
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Ok, so to get from Bristol to Calne via public transport requires getting the train from Bristol Temple Meads (BRI) to Chippenham (CPM).
An off-peak return is about 6.90 and takes ~ 30 min.
From just outside the doors of Chippenham station, get the number 55 or 55a Bus to Calne town hall.
This takes ~ 15 min and is approx 2.
People must plan their journey carefully, especially the return.
Bus timetable Train times

Richard has registered an event on called Playpoi Workshop, Calne, United Kingdom.
All people have to do is go on, register, and offer a lift if they can.

For those driving from Bristol, here are Google directions to Calne Townhall (the venue).

+Alien Jon

joffjkjoffjkDIAMOND Member
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Is this the only workshops that you will be doing in the south west or will there be workshops in bristol as well

I love thinking in circles

mattbassmanmattbassmanSILVER Member
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Shame we couldn't work out timings so you could come to Southern Lights. Oh well, there's always next year

daneSILVER Member
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Foundations of poi 9 spaces left
Poi Fu 12 spaces left
Partner poi 11 spaces left
Advances 9 spaces left.

Book soon to secure you place

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would like to go to the workshop in calne on monday. i live in the cardiff area. is there someone who can give me a lift to and/or back from the workshop? please let me know.


daneSILVER Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Hi Nadine,

Have you checked out freewheelers for lift share?

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Location: Wales, Cardiff


i've checked freewheelers and sadly i'm the only person who is registered on there for the workshop. furthermore there is no other possibilitiy for me to go back to cardiff on monday night. so i'll try to find out about a place to stay overnight and to go back on tuesday morning. i hope to find an accomodation.


daneSILVER Member
stranger than most
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Location: United Kingdom

Hey Nadine,

There's a girl coming to the workshops who'll be staying at blacklands campsite ( otherwise there are a couple of hotels and BnBs in Calne too (not sure on prices though).

Drop us an e-mail if you've got any questions.


daneSILVER Member
stranger than most
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Location: United Kingdom


There are still a few spaces left on all the workshops. Get in touch asap to book a space!



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