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Posted:Is it possible to buy swivels (or somehow modify them) so that, say a No.10 ball bearing swivel can be opened up on either side? Maybe if the rings is broken and squshed somehow. (im talking about the 2 rings on either side of the ball bearing bit in the middle)

The only reason I ask this is because there doenst seem to be much point using swivels if you have to attatch a big horrible dlink to either side or at least one side. This problem was solved with the pro chains as the swivel was welded straight onto the chain but with my crystal LED poi i currently have a swivel at the handle end that is tied to colecord on one side and the other I have some strong string that I have tied around it and another flowlight.

If the rings could split open then close back up no need for interconnections

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Posted:I'd say go into your local fishing supplier and pick up some small (size 7 or 10) 'fish rings' they are very small and very, very strong split rings.

Depending on what kind of swivels you've got theres a chance that you may even be able to cut the ring on the swivel and put the split ring directly through the ring on the swivel, cutting out the ring on the swivel entirely, but you'd have to look closely at that.

The size 7 is usually about the same diameter as the rings on the swivel, so its a LOT less bulk.

I'd say modifying the rings on the swivel would damage the integrity of the rig beyond reasonable use unless you were going to weld the ring back together and on that I know absolutely nothing.

I understand you're using them for LEDs but because anyone else can read this cutting the ring would be a very bad idea if you're going to use it for fire.