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Location: plymouth, uk

(the short version: circus meetup on the hoe at 1pm on sunday 14th july)

Devon jugglers! plymouth poi spinners! south west circusy peeps! want to meet up with a bunch of other sexy circus loons next sunday?

Every time I meet jugglers in plymouth, everyone complains about how theres no meetups, no circus school etc. in plymouth, so slowly we're trying to fix that by bringing everyone we can find together and letting mayhem happen.

We had about 20 people meet up on the hoe last weekend and we had a kickass time messing about in the sun with every kind of kit that can fit in a rucksack, so we're doing it again in a weeks time, wanna come?

We're meeting on the hoe, on the grassy bit near smeatons tower at about 1pm.

If you're in the area, just turn up on the hoe with whatever gear you've got and we'll spend an afternoon juggling, making the obligatory innuendos about playing with eachothers balls, learning new techniques off eachother and generally lounging about in the sun.

If you know any circusy types, poke them with a stick and drag them along too, if you can't juggle or you don't have any gear, come along anyway, you can borrow stuff and we can teach you cool tricks :-) we'll probably be out quite a while, so if you're hungover don't worry about turning up a bit late. If you can't find us, just look for the big group of people throwing things about the place...

if you're on facebook, theres an event page at:
and if you're on facebook but not coming, theres a group set up for plymouth circusy people: