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I really, really, really want to do poi, however, I've been trying for ages now and I just can't seem to get it. I can just about swing the poi and then do split time but if I attempt to try anything else I just keep hitting myself, i'm covered in bruises on my head, chest and legs. I have bought books and tried learning with the lessons on here. But i'm still hopeless. I am pretty bad with my coordination at the best of times do you think I should just give it up as a bad joke??

Please don't think I've only been trying for a few months, this has been years and I can do an hour or two at a time before being so sore I got to stop. I am using string poi at the moment and have just ordered some sock poi in the hope that they might be more suitable for me. I am determined that this year I will learn how to do it better! Anybody got any ideas?

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Posted:Have you considered finding a poi studio that offers lessons???
Or at least another spinner who can tell you what you are doing wrong, and how to fix it.....
Or even make a video of yourself, and then we can tell you what is going on, and why things aren't spinning in the right direction for you.....
But don't stop, never quit, if it was easy, where would the challenge be????
Good luck!!

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Yeah, if you've been playing solo, try and find a few other nice spinners who can help out, it's amazing how much difference it can make. Come down to a few spinny festivals too, I'm hopelessly uncoordinated too, but I'm getting there eventually!

I'm not sure where the closest regular meet up would be to you- I think there's a few guys in Bolton, maybe it'd be worth looking them up.. Have a rummage through the meet-up threads.. hug have fun anyway, and don't give up.


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Posted:Poi-studio... nice one.

but yeah, Poi ain't that complicated once you got it started... only need the initial take off... would even advise you to stop mocking around there.

You seem to be in a dead end and not going anywhere. I now spare you why I would advise you to take a break, as not to condition you further, learning from books is a hard way either. At least try the video tutorials here... more than 6 million downloads - should tell you something.

Listen and there is a "meet others" section on this board. You can find people in your area or a festival or something like that.

Tragic to picture you standing in the corner, hour after hour, day after day.... really... I mean, come on... you're in jail servig life or what?

hug never mind me rumbling, 'ts not meant to offfend you in any way....

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Posted:quit.Pick up a staff.


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Posted:Try getting to a circusy festival - such as Southern Lights / Fire Gathering / BJC / EJC / Play / and many more! You can find these in the events section of this forum.

Try getting to a local meet! Have a look on here under the Meet Others section... I think thats what its called.

Have a look round for some lessons local to you.

...basically I reckon that its a million times easier to learn from someone else as oppose to trying to teach yourself from books or videos.

Hope that helps and good luck. smile

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Posted:Originally Posted By: Pojequit.Pick up a staff.

Best. Advice. Ever. grin

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Posted:Edit: removed cos I replied to the wrong thread... ooooops
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Posted:Originally Posted By: Fine_Rabid_DogOriginally Posted By: Pojequit.Pick up a staff.

Best. Advice. Ever. grin

lol2 ahhhh i miss great advice like this...

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Posted:I had problems when I first started and I stopped for about 2 months. I had no motivation to practice as I saw no improvement, until I tried it again and things started to come along easier.
The only difference I noticed was that I had started doing yoga and strength training so possibly a better balance/strength combo improved my ability to spin. I have no idea really but why not take a break for a few weeks or even months and give it a go later? Being frustrated isn't going to help you learn and if you spend that much time trying to no progress I can't imagine how frustrated you must be.

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Posted:There are some fantastic teachers coming through UK over the next while... check the Events threads for eg Nick Woolsey's tour in July with Alien Jon. They're doing a workshop in Manchester so that's really not far to travel at all.

Nick is a really fantastic teacher.. check out the free video instructionals on his Playpoi site, buy Scales of Poi from the HoP shop... but above all, go in person!!! as other peeps have said here. Nothing like learning from others!
Best of luck

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Posted:I find that if you plateau with a particular art, it's best to try something else.

I started off with staff as I find it's much more forgiving when working things out. Staves are static: as in, you can stop trying to do a move and you won't have it swinging in six billion directions.

As disheartening as it can be to be trying the same thing over and over again and getting nowhere, it's not to say you are doomed to never master it.

Poi was one of the later fire arts I picked up after going single staff, then contact, then fire fans, then double staves, then swords, then palms/orb, and THEN poi, which I am still pretty elementary at even though i've been doing this for the last 2-3 years smile

hug Chin up.


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Posted:I know precisely how you feel. Kinda in that position at the moment.

The Playpoi video tutorials are amazing to work from though, especially if you take care to start from the beginning and work up.

Meeting up with people is also a great help. It's amazing the sorts of things you can pick up just by watching someone else's body movements

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Posted:Originally Posted By: SeasprayMeeting up with people is also a great help. It's amazing the sorts of things you can pick up just by watching someone else's body movements

I agree. That's how I started off.

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Posted:Don't give up... It will come smile

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