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adrienlemay 1 post

Hi guys,

I m french in Manila... and last week end i went to Puerto Galera and i saw those guys playing Fire Poi ! Was Realy nice...

Now i have only one think in my mind : learn how to handle Poi !

But unfortunatly... i cant find any shop in Manila where to find the material. So please if any pinoy could help me and guide me i will be thanksfull.

Salamat PO smile

FearpigSILVER Member
member - tee hee "member"
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....there is always mail-order!

Can't think of anywhere you could get that from though... try looking for a Poi Website smile

( or if you're reading this, you could click on the Go Shopping button above smile )

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johndhaiveGOLD Member
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Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philippines

if you are in manila, there is a group there who call thmselves, planet zips! they have gears.. but if you want, just order from HOP, much reliable, very good quality, tested by Poi enthusiasts around the world!

Tam tam tam cheketitamtam, ketumpantam, ketumpan kete kete kete, tam tam tam ketumpanketey!

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