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Posted:Hi all,
I thought I'd cross-post this from rec.juggling, since JTV now has a Spin & Swing channel.

Two years on from our initial launch, we're pleased to announce
Version Two... [ aka jtV2 ]

We've listened to the things you've said, fixed stuff that was broken, and added many cool new features that we hope you'll enjoy. As a big thank you to all our users so far, we give you....

* A brand new video player, with improved video quality and superior
fullscreen mode. Plus we have re-encoded ALL the existing videos to the
better quality h.264 codec. (You will need Flash version 10 installed to
view the videos)
* We now have widescreen support. Aspect ratios will be maintained at
all times.
* A choice of video downloads. As well as offering the original files
for download, we have created a re-encoded version, at a sensible file &
frame size, especially made to be iPod friendly.
* Rounded Corners. We have smoothed lots of the rough edges of old
design, we hope things will be easier to find and easier on the eye. Plus we decided that we had reached the end of our brown phase.
* iPhone browsing... Yes, you can now watch JTV videos on the move on
your iPhone!
* Member Following... Follow your favorite Jugglers! You will receive
an email from JTV whenever they upload a new video.
* Not sure if you can be bothered to watch a video? Hover your mouse
over the thumbnail to get an instant preview of 16 stills from throughout the video.
* Thumbnail generation: choose the image to represent your uploaded
videos, with our all-new random thumbnail generator.
* Slomo! Does Reuben move his hands too fast for you to see? Would you
like to see Langerz do his tricks at normal-human speed? Feel the need to check how perfect an isolation was? Now you can watch it all at half speed!
* File size limit has been increased from 200 to 300MB, for all you
HD-addicts out there.
* New Prop Channels, to make it even easier for you to find the videos
you want to watch. ( If you have videos on JTV, it would be appreciated if you checked out which new channels suit your videos. )
* Multi-language support. in theory... The new site has been created
to support this but... translators, JTV needs you!
* Existing embedded videos on other sites will still work, but can be
updated to use our new player by switching to the newly supplied embed

We have double checked every feature and double checked again, but don't
for one moment think version two is bug free yet (especially if you are
foolish enough to use internet explorer). So please be understanding if
things don't work quite right and most importantly let us know so we can
fix it. (You can contact the Quality Controller via qc @ juggling . tv )

We hope you appreciate all the new features & fixes, fingers crossed there are not too many fluffs & flaws. Please continue to support us with your videos, comments and ratings, your input is the soul of JTV...

For those of you who already have videos hosted with us please take the
time to login and add your video to the appropriate new channels and
checkout the new thumbnail generator.

enjoy jtV2 _ much Love :
theCREW @ JTV _

_don't watch _be seen _in widescreen

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