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Posted:we are five alternative girls who do a show in the 02 academy in liverpool. We require upto 4 people who can fire poi to become part of our monthly show.

myspace is:
or email:

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Posted:A good way to get interested professional performers is to mention if it is paid or not. If it is not then you may struggle to get interested professional performers or performers with insurance.
Just a heads up.

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Posted:how long are the shows?

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Posted:Ya really, evil girls, you will need to give a bit more detail here, like: what sort of show are you putting on? Do you want the poisters to do a routine of their own, or be part of a larger choreo/show. Is it paid? How much? You want the same people every time? Do you want high skill people or just a bit of fire effect? What sort of space is it? DO you carry insurance that would cover people or do they need their own?

Who are the shows for.. the public? A promo for you? A rent party? The only info on myspace is that you like metal and offer to promote band merch. There was no result for you searching on the 02 academy website.. so are you a backing dancers for someone else's show?

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