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I'm looking into making fire poi to sell at markets and currently researching for the best equipment and prices. Can anyone help me locate some reasonably priced chain. Also, suggestions on the best chain to use. The choice is between 2mm stainless steel twist chain or ball chain. I was thinking the twist chain.
I'm in Australia.

Thanks for your help smile

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Posted:Not to sound harsh, but you should definitely make fire toys for yourself for a long time before starting to sell them; and as you are having to ask for chain to use it doesn't sound like you're experienced.

Good luck


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Posted:I second that. We don't mean to be harsh but if you don't have experience making something I don't think you are ready to sell it. Practice making them at least 20-50 times for your self first. Figure out how to make them strong, durable, well weighted, and look good. Then start thinking about making them for other people.
Fire is dangerous if misused. If you make bad fire props and something goes wrong then the damage is on you. Also, people should have quality material to practice, perform, and play with.

Details you want to keep in mind are that the weights should be at the very end of the poi as much as possible (i.e. a lighter chain), there should be as few overall pieces as possible for strength and comfort (less parts, less links to break). The wicks and area around them should have as minimal exposed metal as possible. It is the exposed metal around the flame which causes the most burns.

Check out Nick's fire poi demonstration. I use his as my standard.

To answer your question, I prefer the oval link chain and I get it as wielded dog choke collars.

Good luck making props. It is a great way to spread the love and I sincerely hope you do well.

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