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Patches, the confused firedancer

Member Since: 31st Jan 2008
Total posts: 7
Posted:If I could meet up with some other spinners that would be absolutly amazing. I spin staff and soon double staff (they come tomorrow... I CAN'T WAIT), I know some people that spin poi but I am looking for more. If anyone, especially from the Orlando area, wants to meet up or just let me know you exist, please reply.

Location: orlando florida
Member Since: 2nd Jun 2008
Total posts: 1
Posted:I have just started spinning, my practice set should arrive any day now, right now I'm just using home made set. I live in Altamonte Springs, FL

After I get some practice and get better Im going to start looking to spin with others.

I don't know anyone that spins yet frown


Member Since: 22nd Jun 2008
Total posts: 2
Posted:I'm in the Orlando area and looking to get a spinning/poi group going here.

Location: Arcadia, Florida.
Member Since: 6th Oct 2007
Total posts: 4
Posted:I spin poi, I wanna start doing staff..
I'm in Arcadia, quite a ways from Orlando but hey, good to know I'm not alone =D.


Member Since: 15th Jul 2008
Total posts: 4
Posted:I live in Ocala and have just started spinning....

Location: St. Augustine, FL
Member Since: 3rd Jun 2008
Total posts: 2
Posted:I live in St. Augustine, will be moving to the Tampa area at the beginning of next year, but have been spinning poi since June and I am looking to learn some staff and fire fan moves

Location: the otha b-town, Fl; USA
Member Since: 1st Nov 2008
Total posts: 1
Posted:I stay in the Boca area & I've been spinning poi on & off for two years and I'm happy to say that I'm back on! =] anybody interested in showing me some moves?

"To fathom hell or soar andgelic just take a pinch of psychedelic."- Dr. Osmond

Location: Sanford, Florida
Member Since: 13th Jan 2006
Total posts: 2
Posted:Hi All,

I just recently moved to Sanford (Orlando area). I've been spinning for a few years (single, double, triple, staff, fans, etc.). I've found that burning is never as much fun as when you're in a group. So I'd be more than happy to come out to any gatherings for a bit of spinning. I've also taught a few people in the past. If you want instruction from basic up to middlin-advanced, just let me know. I'll be checking my HOP mail about once a week so just send me a message. Cheers.

-Will (Flakpuppy)

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If you're not strong by 30
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Member Since: 8th Mar 2008
Total posts: 2
Posted:I live in Daytona Beach and would love to meet other poi spinners and fire performers. I've been safely spinning fire and fire breathing for over a year and practicing without for close to 2.


chasing the wind
Location: everywhere
Member Since: 6th Oct 2008
Total posts: 16
Posted:I go to college in New Jersey but I'm home in South Florida right now; I know there's a pretty active Miami community that tends to keep to themselves but is welcoming. Cheers!

<3 wind


Member Since: 12th Mar 2009
Total posts: 1
Posted:Hey, I will be in Boca for 2 weeks or so end of month before france, dunno if there is a weekly burn or something local to west palm beach. I spin sword and torches mainly. (From los angeles)


Member Since: 6th Dec 2006
Total posts: 2
Posted:I'm in plant City, nearest to Tampa or Lakeland. I'd love to find an active group nearby. Feel free to contact me and maybe we can start one! chris at chris and jamie . net (just eliminate spaces, change at to the symbol) I'm mostly into poi, but I know someone local who wants to learn fire staff as well.
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New to Poi
Location: Florida. East Central. Mini Pa...
Member Since: 30th Apr 2009
Total posts: 1
Posted:I'm by Tampa in Clearwater! It would be awesome to have a meet, I just started Poi and want to learn as much as I can.


Member Since: 21st Mar 2008
Total posts: 1
Posted:Chiming in from Melbourne, Florida. I know a few other spinners and a fan dancer around here. We would love to find more people in Brevard county (or even Orlando)area.

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