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pricklyleafSILVER Member
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Hi guys, I'm in Auckland for a while and I'm craving my hoops which are currently sitting back in the uk gathering dust and cobwebs. Anyone know where I can buy an adult hoop from? I can do it mail order, but not been having much luck so far. Cheers!

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MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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If you come on down to Christchurch pop into HoP and we'll have one for you. We do not have any in the shop as we are still prototyping.

Alternatively go into Bunnings/Mitre10 and buy some pipe and make your own. We do sell holographic tapes that you can use to decorate it.


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Katie_FergusonBRONZE Member
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hey how much would the hula go for. and are these the bigger sized onesim keen to but one ah tongue2