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Posted:Hey there. So I've been spinning fire poi for a while now, and I absolutely love it. I'd like to learn how to breathe fire. It's not something I just "want to do". I've been doing a lot of research into the techniques and the fuels to use. I really have a great respect for fire. Are there any fire breathers in the Boise, ID area that would be willing to share their art? Thanks!

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Posted:Respect for fire is great. Now respect your body and forget about playing with fuel in such close proximity to your lungs.

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Posted:Go out and get yourself a copy of a book called 'The Professional's Guide to Fire Eating', by a chap called Brian Brushwood. This is a fantastic resourse to help you get started.

Keep in mind that two things are un-avoidable, when you breath fire, you ARE Poisoning yourself, and at some point, you WILL get burnt.

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Posted:I just want to say that fire breathing is the single most dangerous and uncontrollable fire art out there. Its not a matter of if you will burn yourself its a matter of when. And when you do it will be your lungs, sinus throat and eyes that get scorched. Very scary stuff and in my opinion is not worth any cost.



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Posted:Here's a link to an (almost legendary) interview with one of the forum members, Pele:
I suggest watching that before going any further - a psychological blindspot when we do research like this is that we tend to over-emphasize the positive over the negative when it gets us what we want. As for respect for fire, I'm with gabe on this. Part of respecting fire is respecting its dangerous potential and knowing the limits of safety, far beyond which lies the art of fire breathing. It has a very negative reputation on these forums, and I believe it has rightly gained that reputation.

That being said, HoP does have resources beyond the Pele interview, just click on anywhere someone says 'Fire Breathing'.

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Posted:God I wish she hadnt mentioned a child My heart goes out to her and her family.


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