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Posted: hi i'm Carl, i have been poi'ing for 10months now, and loving every second of it. Enjoy
all these videos were done within a space of a week, so i do repeat a lot of ideas.

This is what i have been working on.......

these first 2 videos are me have a lil Jam Spin.

But ........

this is what i have truly been working on, although i got a lil' bit carried away with this video, it was just meant to be showing you this trick i have been working on...... .....Wheelplane butterly stall, hand switch into wallplane butterfly............... It ended up being like 7mins or so. enjoy

The 4th Video is me finding ways to get from vertical planes to horizontal planes, this is just one idea from my findings, then a lil flow.

Please Comment And tell me what you think. happy spinningxxxx

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Posted:10 months, you say?
that is QUITE impressive for such a short time span!!
keep it going and you will end up being another Poi ninja grin


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Posted:nice videos mate i met you at bath upchuck

I love thinking in circles