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AlienJonGOLD Member
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It's coming... in June!!

+Alien Jon

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Absolutely sweet - I fully endorse this product and the crew behind it!

cu soon crazy man smile

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MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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HoP will selling this product. Made by brilliant people

I have added to our DVD previews page



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Fire_FiendGOLD Member
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OMG! I cant wait. Looks like an amazing project. Thanks for all the hard work guys. grin

joffjkDIAMOND Member
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wow it looks so good i can't wait to watch this i think its going to push my skill levels up loads

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PuffSILVER Member
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biggGOLD Member
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very nice vid .hav cool 3d assist .thx

ZanGOLD Member
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The DVD is only a couple weeks away. In the mean time, more related videos are ready. The Primer has deleted scenes and unused material, The Sample has a "How to Use this DVD" chapter straight off the disc.

Primer video link:

DVD sample video link:

Look at the cover art, and pre-order:

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