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Posted:I'm looking for any assistance/tips for joining a circus as a Fire Poi performer. Tips for making a audition video/tips for submitting an application/Circuses to join/any advice at all would be helpful and extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance <3

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Posted:Good luck with that, circus' dont generally go for people that only spin fire poi. If you really want to join a circus create an act that is a little less 1 dimentional. Learn another prop to feature as well or come up with a really good concept for an act, an amusing character for example.

If you want to get into any kind of circus you will need a professional looking showreel, a polished act and be willing to work very hard for not that great money, unless you make it big and as a poi performer thats not thet likly.

If you just want to make some money from fire spinning you could start by contacting some local venues to see if they would be willing to hire you as entertainment. If you search on here there is a bunch of information on what you need to do to perform sucessfully and SAFELY. Also think about how much you want to charge for your services (its probably more than you first think)

Sorry this probably isnt what you want to hear but even the best poi spinners in the world dont make much and dont work in circus'

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Posted:Professional circuses have the worlds highest standards for what it takes to perform, and it is not a good living.


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Posted:Good luck dude! Someone wants to hire me 4 months ago as their fire poi guy, but I declined. I only get 250 a week. grin

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Posted:just follow in steve-o's footsteps. he was in the circus before he met up with jackass and those guys.