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hi guys,

I was wondering about the idea of making monkey fists head for my staffs.
There are a few reasons for this.
1. monkey fists burn more time than tube core as far as I know.
2. I think the round shape would look nicer on isolation because it is really the fire that being isolated
3. the whight will be more concentrated on the end, which will make the staff better for contact.

The way I thoght of attaching it to the staff is like this:
fist I drill a screw that will go out of the staff from two sides about 0.5 cm from every side. than I will make a small monky fist (2 bight)(like fire mecca's method) and put it on the cross of the staff and screw so it holds tight. finally I will make a large monkey fist (4 bight) and use the small one on the staff as my core.

what do you thing about the design? will it work?
and what is the equivelnt in monkey fist to a 2.5 ft * 4 in tube core head? is it the 3/8 or 1/2?

I would like to hear your ideas.

Fire_MooseSILVER Member
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i think it would take too much effort for too little effect. And it might look a little silly having balls on the ends of yer staff.


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I say do it. If nothing else it will be fun to build smile

Anyway, is it not a bit wierd not having balls at the end of your staff? shocked wonder shocked

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daniel_bareketBRONZE Member
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I don't think it's silly to have balls in the end of your staff. Moreover, it can emphsize isolations.

About the efforts, it is actually easier then tube core...
instead of wrapping, drilling throw the kevler (at least 3 times) and puting the screws it is just one drill and monkey fist.

It just sounds long in the description grin

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Why not try it and see?

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daniel_bareketBRONZE Member
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Location: Israel


today I light to the first time my monkey fist staves.
lots of fuel and burning time. I made 3(!) pretty big burn offs and got enough fuel for 7 minutes of pretty slow spin.

as I expected, isolations looks amazing with them. It looks like a ball of fire that stays in the same place...

Over all I can say I pretty satisfied...

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Congrats on being daring and trying something new in the spirit of it all. Well done.

Don't mind me, just passing through.

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