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Location: Wisconsin

Anyone Here from Wisconsin Or near Chicago. If so, hit me up. Im from sheboygan, WI. Peace

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Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

I'm in Milwaukee, but I haven't been doing much Poi recently due to problems with my arms/neck. I've been looking for local groups to hook up and spin with, but have been unsuccessful in finding anything active.

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Location: Wisconsin, US Virgin Islands

I just moved to Beaver Dam in January...pretty far away from Sheboygan, but maybe we can figure something out in between. Hooray for the return of fire season!!! smile

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i am in appleton, only a little over an hour away. i know sheboygan very well because i have a few friends from there. i would love to get help in learning some more moves; i am a little newer to this and i don't know anyone around here that spins who could help me out.
would you be willing to help out?

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