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who can help me ??

need all informations about shamanism with fire, rituals, new and all cultures --vid-s, books ,people --

thanx a lot


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Im sure google or Wikipedia can help...

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A friend of mine uses fire in his Shamanic ceremonies... but really, it's going to be hard to get any good information, since Shamanism is so interpreted - in other words, each Shaman could use it differently.

It's used, of course, in the big ceremonies (Imbolc, Lughnasa, Beltane, Samhain and the Equinoxes) in a symbolic way... Check out the Edinburgh Beltane celebrations for a more mainstream, public use of fire in the ceremony.

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I think perhaps you need to narrow the question a bit! It would take years to link you to all the information about fire and shamanism! tongue2 what aspect are you interested in specifically?


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Sunbird can help - but not right now, he's at work lol

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SOunds like there's a bit of confusion (or running together anyway) of paganism and shamanism here. They are different, no?

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Even in Shamanism there are such a wide varieties of cultures under it that the question is way to broad to answer.
I can think of one ceremony of the top of my head tho that might be interesting to you tho. In peruvian shamanism there is a cleansing ceremony were the healee is stripped down to nothing goes to the center of the village and the shaman "spits" fire on every surface of hir body.
It would help to know why you want this information. Like is this for your personal practice or for an anthropological reason. And if your looking for neo-shamanic practices they very widely from one practitioner to another. I would recommend and various festivals to just ask people how it is incorporated in there practice. And that might even give you an interesting comparison in the use of fire in neo-shamanism vs neo-paganism. Good Luck and Happy hunting

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hey all !!

thanks to all answers..

what-s my aspect..

i would like to learn more about..and to fill up my pratice with a good new spirit grounded in my heart...

combining my fire spinning and show with a ceremony

..holy smoke, chanting,..asking great spirit a.s.o.

fed up a bit of just doing shows for buisness, consuming, and all kind like this...

a bit i trustmore all this all cultural strories like this peruanian thin you spoke about or polynesian rituals or mayan- natives of norhern america ,celtic roots...

found something of babaji rituals..also interesting..

thats what i am

whats baganism ??? can you explaine ?? never heard..i-m, german and if i translate it makes some sence but not really..


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Hi, I witnessed a beautiful ceremony at a party by some spanish(?) people who said it was an ancient celtic ceremony, however the words were written in spanish. Basically an alcoholic punch was made and put in a bowl, before being set on fire. Everyone had a go at ladling the burning liquid and pouring it back into the bowl until the flames died down. They then said the spell, which basically translated as that when the liquid was drunk the flames would burn all the negative spirits inside everyone and warm the positive ones. Everyone had a drink and it tasted amazing (although it burned like whisky on the way down the throat!) I was told the recipe but cant remember it at present, sorry smile

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hey all !!

i got something to share, cause i think i found a good way to step deeper into what i was looking for. !"!

a german friend showed me on

google video the film

"Fire on the mountain:
a gathering of shamans"

great one..i-m still bit stupid to set links

-if somebody could help ?

it-s a great film just now saw only 25 min. but i-m looking forward to see the rest


and lets remember our holy fire gift and responsibility !!

thanks a lot !!

love and peace

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here !! the video

enjoy josh

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