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I know Shpongle is popular on here so I thought I'd mention a group I've just discovered called Younger Brother. I just did a search and it appears as though no one has ever brought them up on this board.

I've been listening to Shpongle for almost two years now and could never find anything similar...I was beginning to think that their style was completely unique, but this group has a very similar sound while still having it's own flair. If you like Shpongle, this will be a guaranteed hit.

I just finished downloading the album "A Flock of Beeps", which is just incredible. Try "Weird on a Monday Night" or "Scanner". Man, I'm sooo looking forward to actually buying this, but this stuff is hard to find around here...

Anyways...enjoy, everyone, and let me know if you likey.

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maybe because its the same guy, minus that other guy plus another guy.

and instead of downloading it perhaps u can support them by buying it here instead

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Paddy hun I love shpongle
I will try to get ahold of this band too thank you for the tips.
Respect for Cpt shiner' s remark , my dad being a musician I must say I try and support musicians as much as possible too

shine no

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yye hah simon posford and raja ram can have my children (heh heh IF i have any)
look for a rare compilation called 'shponglization' cus it's got a TON of trax not found on inexpressible or are you shpongled. i wouldn't class it minimal psy, but the trax roxors nonetheless.
shpongle and younger brother will be playing at a massiv bush doof called 'earthcore' during november in melbourne so it's not too late to get cheap early bird tickets at this stage. (they have not confirmed totally yet so peek at to confirm before you commit - incidentally, there's some dodgy photos of me at the top of the photo on that site... many a seedy mudfilled day spent there!)

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cpt_shiner, don't worry, I fully intend on purchasing the album- I always support artists if I listen to their music a lot (I'm just tired gambling $25 on somethine I've never heard). Cheers for the link, now I'll be able to get it even if the local shop can't order it in.

bender, I'm actually coming to Australia in May 2004, so I can't afford a second trip so soon. But if things work out right, I'll have time to travel around and meet all the lurvley HOP peoples, so maybe we could party then.

Does anyone know the deal with Binah? Cresent Suns is my favorite Posford track but I even can't find mention of any other Binah songs anywhere.

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remember Hendon cass? DJ 1112 sphongle changed our lives forever!


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october 17 release
including the 'total eclipse' remix of 'dorset perception' found on 'Shponglization'.
yummyness trippy cover art and track listing from saikosounds

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Hey guys,

All those interested in Shpongle, Younger Brother, Hallucinogen etc should purchase one of the most amazing documentaries ever made Liquid Crystal Vision

Has lots of dialogue from Raja Ram, Goa Gill and plenty of footage from parties around the world, including Burning Man, Goa and Thailand. Even has some firedancing in it!

I highly recommend it for the psytrancers out there. It really encapsulates the vibe we try to project and the visuals are very very pretty!


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There's another group I heard was simmilar to Shpongle. I think OTT is the name. But I've never heard anything by them so I wouldn't really know.

P.S.: I talk too some guy online who seems to know just about everything about Shpongle and Twisted records.

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Talking about sy trance and such respected artists. is anyoen going to samotraraki dance festival. A week in the sun listening to psycodelic trance.


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can't wait to see Hallucinogen

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