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Posted:Mondays @ 6.30 - 8pm
13 April - 11 May 2009
Irene Warehouse
5 Pitt St, Brunswick (upstairs)
Cost - $85


(Contact me for casual attendance, dependent on space)

This course is open to all levels - from absolute beginners to advanced long-time poi fanatics. We cover everything from basic spinning and increasing your movement with the poi, to advanced skills such as stalls, isolations, flowers and anti-spins.

We will talk about lighting your poi on fire for the first time and fire safety. And if you want to move on to performance we can cover choreography, dance, partner poi and acrobalance.

Please contact me to book, there is limited space.

Hope to see you there smile

Puzzle Dust Circus
ph. 0419 895 975

Puzzle Dust Circus<br />

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