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Posted:What methods do you use to keep your speed in check?

When I do windmills/rotors/hand wraps/whatever you'd want to call them, I notice its very easy to speed up and that speed is all but lost when I try moving into arm wraps/elbow wraps/neck wraps.

So yeah, is there an answer to this other than with practice comes greater speed control?

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Posted:If you move the rest of your body at all, try moving it slowly as well. Deliberate motions and that sort of thing. Thats all I've got. Not a huge amount, but its something. ^_^




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Posted:you could try practising the transfers between each trick so they are as smooth as the tricks themselves.
apart from that try training with slower tempo music,
spinnig fast and controlled is very difficult, spinning fast and sloppy is easy, the difference is huge and well worth the work,i personally think fast smooth spinning is beautiful
good luck



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Posted:you're not using the momentum properly. You're using it to speed up, which is right, but you're not knowing when to stop applying force, and just let the stick spin itself now and again, or even apply opposite force to slow it down some.

Just relax, and you'll be fine. this does click in your mind with practice. Practice spinning, but only applying just enough force to keep the stick moving super slowly.

After a while, you'll find the speed that is right for you, and the above exercise will help you keep it in that speed. smile

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Posted:Also, I think a mix of slow and fast spinning can look really beautiful, it doesnt need to be one speed all the time but when you are slowing down or speeding up you should practise doing it smoothly, as it can go very easily into a sloppy movement. Hope this helps smile

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Posted:another tip is try using the noise of the flames to create a steady rythym


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