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HOP admin
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Member Since: 18th Nov 2003
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Posted:Charles and Mumtaz have just brought into the world a little baby boy 9.5 pounds.

Congratulations dudes

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The Ministry of Manipulation
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to all three of you
runs around the whole of HOP shouting and dancing.

Nice one.

twirlywhirlyfiregirlie (nancy)
Location: Matlock,derbyshire uk
Member Since: 28th Nov 2002
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Posted:so so many congratulations to you both what a wonderful thing 9.5 pounds yikes sounds like a healthy boy! congrats again i wish u all the happiness in the world! pk says hes over the moon and loads and loads of congratulations to you both from him well us both hehehe (frum us)

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Lambretta Fanatic

Member Since: 20th Dec 2001
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Posted:yay yay yay stoked for you guys, hope your taking care of your fine lady and the little one charles, can rattles be used as minature staff's? hehe

congrats guys.


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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I can't even begin to imagine how amazing you must feel right now, but I reckon I can guess how huge your grin must be! All my love to you, Mumtaz and your son

Xtremely Flameable
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Posted:What else can I say besides:


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the henna lady
Location: WNY, USA
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Posted:And he is sooooo cute! Congrats to the Dolbel family...and just think Charles...get another one and you will have a whole new juggling act!

Many happy and healthy years ahead for all of you!

And...just occurred to me...IN TIME FOR FATHERS DAY (here in the US it is on Sunday!)

Happy First Dad's Day Charles!

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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you got your leg over!!!


Intrepid Penguin

Member Since: 12th May 2002
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Posted:YAY! ohhhh congratulations Charles and Mumtaz!!!
*bighugz* thats so wonderful. and charles, all the waiting is finally over man YAY!

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Location: Sydney Australia
Member Since: 22nd Nov 2002
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Posted:much love to the new family!

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Location: NYC, NY, USA
Member Since: 26th Aug 2001
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Posted:Congrats and all the warmest wishes.

Hugs to the family.

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King Of Bongo
King Of Bongo

Location: Berlin
Member Since: 25th Dec 2002
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Posted:nice one mate!!!
just think of all those lovely sleepless nights ahead... mmmm...

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Corporate Circus Arts Entertainer
Location: Auckland
Member Since: 27th Jun 2001
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Posted:Cheers guys, just popped back from thehospital for a few minutes...Can't stay long.

I think my face is sore from all this manic grinning though.

Just to note, this 'little' guy is almost the same weight as me and my sister's birth weight added together! He's gonna be taller than me in a few months time!

Thanks for the all the support...

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Location: In Melbourne at the moment
Member Since: 21st Apr 2003
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Posted:Well...well...well, the day has come at last...hehe no need to run around woundering when Mumtaz is going to have the baby....NOW it's all over...cheers

CONGRATS bro all the hugs in the world


watching the world go by!!!!

Trick ferret on the making hehe!!!!
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Sweet talented nutter
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Member Since: 3rd Aug 2002
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Posted:Congratulations charles ! (handing the man a ciguar) .

Big yay what's your boy's name ?. Was he born spining 5bt weave ?

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Are we there yet?
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Posted:yay charles - congratulations on your new family member!!


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Posted:*sings* Congratulations... and celebrations...

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Bristol, UK
Member Since: 19th Dec 2001
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Posted:It'll get bigger? From the weight and your, erm, stature, I just assumed that in your family you're all born 'full size' as it were

Stream Entrant
Location: Melbourne
Member Since: 13th Jun 2001
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Posted:Congratulations Charles, well done
All the best to Mumtaz and little Charles. Wishing you all much happiness for the future

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HOP admin
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Member Since: 18th Nov 2003
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Posted:Charles said I could post a picture of the whole family.

Non-Https Image Link

Babies name is Jacub (for short)
Full name is Phillip Charles Jacub Dolbel

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Location: Madrid, Spain
Member Since: 4th Jan 2002
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Posted:muchas felicidades from spain!! he's cuuute, i can already see him twirling fire poi...
so, have you decided yet which toys to get him first?? a staff?? a pair of poi?? some beamers?? uuuhhhm, forget the last one, bad idea...

i wish all of you the very best and remember, it is like your tamagotchi... treat it well
oh, and some and for y'all

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Location: Lancashire, UK
Member Since: 23rd Mar 2002
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Posted:Congratulations Charles & Mumtaz!!
& welcome to the world Jacub


Froggie ... Ribbit !!!
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Posted:WAHOOOOOOHEY I am soooooo excited when I saw the mail in my inbox my heart just flew so high

Charles, Mumtaz congratulations I am so happy for you and I know, having seen your love and warmth that the lil angel is in VERY gentle tender and good hands

I love you and miss you both very much and wish you the best best best

shine on on this magic day

Mumtaz rest beautiful mummy and take care of yourself

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Location: auckland
Member Since: 7th Nov 2001
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Posted:wicked! congrats charles. can't wait to teach lil' jacub poi funk.. non-flammable variety of course

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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 11th Jan 2002
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Posted:Big congratulations. It is such good news.

Hoping mum, bub & dad are doing well

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Gandhi Ganjamaster

Member Since: 30th Aug 2002
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Happy happy happy years ahead for you.

He's astoundingly cute.

Whow. Babies. Miracles.

Enjoy the lil bugger



Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Berlin
Member Since: 25th Sep 2002
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Posted:Congratumalations to you all

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Location: London
Member Since: 13th Dec 2000
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Posted:Congrats! What a cutie! Look forward to seeing Jacubs balloon penguins in oh lets say 3 years. I'll be looking our for the pics to be posted on HOP

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Location: London
Member Since: 1st Dec 2001
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Posted:Ahhh Congratulations to mummy and daddy

What great news


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Member Since: 29th Apr 2002
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Posted:Aww,how sweet! Congratulations to all three of you!

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Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
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Posted:AHHH! So cute!
(did you notice the baby was pink? )



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