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nellpussPLATINUM Member
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Hi, Just kind of wanting some advice and/or encouragement really.

I love spinning poi but i am also quite shy about it and dont like to spin in front of people, this part wont change until i have managed to practice and perfect the moves and routines i have in my head i guess.

I have perfected lots of moves in my living room and some of them outside in the street but i am too embarressed to practice stops and connecting moves and always end up just doing the stuff i know really well.

I live in Bangor, North Wales.

I have sometimes gone up to the local field at night to spin fire, but then people come along and watch, and as i say, i am shy, dont know what to do, dont really want to chat to them and just end up doing the stuff i feel comfortable with rather than practicing the things i really want to do. Besides, there is only so much you can practice at night, i wish i had somewhere to go during the day so that i could see what i was doing.

I went to the local circus club once a couple of years ago on the advice of a friend but there was nobody there spinning poi that day and they said "everyone spins poi" and rolled their eyes. I did however learn to juggle that day which was good fun, but i ruled out going there as a place to feel comfortable practicing and learning poi moves because they obviously looked down on it.

So, what do i do? I so want to be able to just practice and play some where sometime. I am not shy of other spinners, but i dont know of any around here, and most of them dont have the confidence problems i do, so when they want to spin they just go out into the street which is too much for me.

Any advice for this Wistful Spinner?

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astonSILVER Member
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Hmmm.... Are you confident with what you can do? Because if so, you are a lot better than many people. smile

I have no more useful advice but just go for it sadly. I apologise for that.

But the fact that you are trying anything is a good step. :hugs:

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hamamelisBRONZE Member
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I get where you're coming from- I'm ludicrously shy, and have performed poi precisely twice sober (Mum's birthday, and last bonfire night), despite spinning for 4 years- I'll join in on a group spin sometimes, when I don't feel like people are paying much attention, but I don't count that as performing, but I can't really offer much advice- except have you been to any spinner/juggler festivals?

I've found them to be a great place to pick up tips- I've learnt much more poi through them than the regular juggling meets I go to (even though I've been going to 2 a week recently.. Go Bristol) and get a bit more confidence in performing poi moves.. Though they're not exactly regular events, so it's not all that handy.

Other than that.. well.. yeah, keep going, ignore elitist jugglers who look down their noses at you, and just enjoy your spinning! hug
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If that's okay with you?

tanzende_federGOLD Member
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hey there!
I had/have the same problem...I am very shy and when I was practicing outside and people started watching me I got very nervous/confused...don't know how to describe it...but like you said I also ended up practicing the stuff I already knew well.
it's kinda the same with performing with fire poi (with fire it's not that bad though...because I can't really see the people around me watching me :))
anyway since I am living right next to a huge park right now, I figured I somehow have to overcome my fear of spinning when other people are around watching.
so I took my mp3 player and looked for a spot in the park which is a little bit hidden (it's actually not at all, but at least it felt like it ;)) and started spinning....somehow the music seemed to work for helped me to concentrate on my poi and ignore everthing around me. (also thanks to the headphones I didn't feel uncomfortable not talking to the people who were watching me...because I was obviously concentrating on the music ;))
now there are even some days I just go to the park to do some spinning/practicing...without my mp3 player. and sometimes it's actually quite nice to have people watching you. especially children are very cute when they watch you with your huge and curious eyes smile
don't know if that helps you at all...

LazyAngelGOLD Member
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persevere with the circus group: jugglers are coming round to poi and staff much more these days, especially once you show that you're interested in learning more than the 3bt weave.

Other than that, organising a poi meetup in your area is a good way to go - I always feel more comfortable playing in a group of 3+ people

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nellpussPLATINUM Member
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Hey guys, thanks for all your support and suggestions found it really encouraging. I sighed with relief when i saw that some of you get the same thing.

And no, i havnt ever been to any juggler/spinner festivals before. I was going to go to "play" festival last year which was really close to where i live, was really excited about it and then it was canceled *groans like Marge Simpson*.

Does anyone know if there will be any happening in the North Wales area this year?

And maybe i will go back to that circus place, after all, it might have been a one off that there were no spinners there.

Cheers everyone : )

Hello boys and girls i'm Jimmy Carl Black and i'm the indian of the group.

burningoftheclaveySILVER Member
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hey nellpuss, keep an eye on the meet others and events performances and gatherings forums for upcoming festivals and stuff smile hug

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