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touchBRONZE Member
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any ideas on how to make sparkling poi?

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AnonymousPLATINUM Member

yeah - do a search. that little bit of text under the post button marked search, is where you will find the answer.Josh

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This topic just came up in the past week or two. Just cruise the subjects back until you dind it. I find the search to be not teriibly useful
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You have a couple of options.1) You can actually use sparklers. I don't have the kind we buy on me right now so I don't know the brand name but we get them by the box and tape them together and attech them to the ends of our poi, staffs, etc... Doesn't burn very long but looks incredible.2) S.O.S. pads. You can fashion a cage out of chiken wire and stuff a bunch of these in there and attach them to the ends of your chains. Burns longer but not as incredible as the sparklers.3) Some magic shops sell a sparkle powder or fuse powder but I do not know how well this works.Important note: If you use suggestion 1 or two you should be fully covered, hands face, goggles ...everything. And submersion in water is the best way to put these out.Donia"Where there is sorrow, I seek the flame."Rumi

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I agree with Donia.Wire wool or sparklers.E-mail Draevon @ Incendium cause they have some wicked sparkly poi vids.Thats the man to talk to.peace outgarbo
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