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Hey all! I just moved to Florida, I don't know any twirlers down here. I was wondering what the scene is like, anyone get together to spin? Looking forward to spinning with people in Florida! Trying to meet you flordia twirlers!

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Well its been 6 years sense this post but I'm in Orlando and working to start a Poi/Spinning group here in Orlando

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Winter, try checking out the Meet Others section. It should be more up to date and have other people in your area. smile

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Hey i just moved down here in october and im looking to meet up to!

I saw we all meet up somewhere!

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hello my name is JoJo and i been searching the wed for hours trying to find a Poi class in Orlando FL for beginners but i am not having any luck at all. If any one can please give me any advice or info that will be wonderful, i have never done Poi spinning so i would be a absolute new beginner. Thank you

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Hello!.look up these folks on Facebook. They are in Orlando and can probably help you out with finding a Poi buddy.
Thomas Barrett and Meredith Ewen.
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Hey Man, I just moved also to Florida/Orlando Fl that is, and I heard about Lake eola near the down town area on the week ends I am loooking for a Poi retailer store to purchase a set of glow orbs things Poi.