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Thank you all so much for attending the birthday if you made it! That really was a night to, erm, possibly remember! but seriously, thank you all :-)

For our next night, we are very proud to present Zetan Spore. This southern pair will be breaking Nottingham with a truly immense fully hardware & Instrument driven live set. This kind of act is rare and special... If only our dance floor was bigger!

If you havent heard of them, please check them out here.

We've also got the Bristol massive Avalaf back to dribble audio sausage goo all over our creamy speakers of fun.

And lets not forget our faithful residents, who will be stroking your inner ear with all manner of classy psychedelic chillout!

PF Audio Funktion1 rig & Vital Audio Rig > Creamy :-)

Metempsychosis lighting
Vyrus Visuals

Blueprint Nightclub - 509 Alfreton Rd
10 til late

Check out our Facepants page or our myspace page

there is also our homepage :-)

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Total posts: 24


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