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Well I am really, really determined to do some sort of fire art this summer. I have a glow staff and working on my skills to get better to do fire. Poi... yeah I need to practice way more before I can do fire smile But I have been watching some videos of fire orbs and think it may be a suitable starting point for me because it looks so cool, and seems a bit more controlled, but I do have some questions.

First off I have not seen many videos with orbs, so I am wondering if you can really do a lot with an orb. Besides the basics, can you really get creative and improvise a lot with a fire orb? Or is there something better that I should do that isnt poi or staff, because I need to practice a lot more before doing fire.

Someone please help me out, it'd be mucho appreciated smile

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Well, make a non-fire one and see what sort of stuff you can come up with?

I think if you are able to release and re-catch the ends you could get some interesting effects....

At least, if we are talking about the same prop. tongue2

Also, summer is nearly over. Autumn starts soon. wink

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I have an orb and kind of forget about it some times. It's a very dramatic prop. Great for belly dancing, probably for popping oriented dance as well. It can be a bit boring though as it's options are a little limited.

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Have a chat to Dexta about fire orbs. she and Goose from Fyredanz use orbs quite often

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i have an orb and the novelty wears of very quick. it looks good but its not flashy enough for me.

if you and liquid dance then that can work quite well.


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Since doing a few performances in the mean time I'd like to add people seem to really like it. It's a simply prop, it's not hard to use, and if you're already into liquid dancing or belly dancing it's right up your alley. It always gets strong reaction, for the comparably small flame size, and the simplicity of use I'm always amazed but people just really seem to like that one.

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sorry, newbie here, but...
what's an orb?

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I used a home-made orb as the opening act of a show one time.

It was a very mystical show, and with the orb it almost lookeds as though I hade an firball floating between my hands.

I used the orb, to light up the stage (torches, flamegel cups, the works.) It was only a silly intro imho, but the corwd loved it.

The plus on the orb is that you can work with it even in bulky clothing. In the show I had a mages robe on, but when I was done with the orb, I pu it aside, threw of the robe and went straight into a frenzious staff spin routine.

The orb is a nice prop to have on the side for these effects, but it can't be a main act.

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try making a fire orbital ive always wanted to and was woundering if anyone has seen one a light orbital just will do pretty much compond circles like in poi but in speeds you can see so you get perfect flowers stars ect and i think would look ten times sweeter

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Orbs are great illusion toy and you can also do body tracing with them (up your belly and such). They're great to use when you can be close to you audience too.

This retractable fire orb is far more versatile than a static orb as you can make it very short or very long, adding to the illusion and giving you more room to play. These guys at Fyregear are the only ones that make them.