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Location: NYC
Member Since: 11th Nov 2008
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Posted:First off, let me just say thanks for every HOP. I love you guys, all the information on the site, and the ease of buying poi toys with you all. Love you guys.

I just had my first burn after a months worth of practice (we had our Spring Break, I probably got about 8 hours in a day wink ) and it was truly amazing. I've went ahead and ordered a nice set of LED poi's from you guys so I can play with something that doesn't smell like gas ; ) Anyways, again, couldn't do it without HOP and all the awesome information you provide.

That was my main question though- Is there any sort of way to get rid of the gas smell? I wrapped my poi's in a plastic bag and tied it tight so the smell couldn't escape! But I don't want to wait for my LED poi's to start spinning again!

Next- I hear White Gas spins brighter but is more dangerous. I've been searching threads and reading up on it. I used Coleman's Lamp lighter fluid for my first burn. While it was amazing, I'm hoping for something a bit brither. I may need to think about investing in some larger wicks, and (I know this has been asked a thousand times, but a LOT of the links from the search thread just take me back to the main forum page frown ) but I was wondering what sort of fuel anyone else used, and if there was anywhere I could see a picture of of the mixture being used? Maybe I'll start mixing things and taking pictures just for scientific sake ; )

Sorry I wrote so much, but I was so excited after my first burn... love this stuff, and this place! Thanks for the help with the questions!


Rampant whirler.
Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia!
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Posted:Aren't white gas and colemans lamp oil the same thing?

The best fuel available depends on where you are in the world... if you tell us then someone from your corner of the globe might be able to fill you in.

I use D60, myself... but that isnt available everywhere.


Location: NYC
Member Since: 11th Nov 2008
Total posts: 11
Posted:I'm up in Virginia, in the US.

But my car broke down a little bit back, so it's apparently just anything I can find in Wallmart...

Also, has anyone ever tried cleaning the poi? Should I maybe wash it out, try and get the smell out, then let it dry? There was a post on this a few years back (thanks search ; ) ) but it was never resolved. It was about someone playing out in the rain, then letting them dry, and they seemed to burn better for him...

Can I at least soak it in some water to try and kill the smell (I won't be burning again for at least another week or two...)


Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:Store them in an airtight tupperware box?

Washing them really is more hassle than it's worth. They will takes ages to "get rid" of the smell, and you will need to saok them for ages before you need to use them, then transport them.

I use paraffin in the UK. Its cheapish, reliable and won't explode grin


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Posted:wrapping them in something airtight is just going to keep the smell around longer. Put them outside and let any excess fuel evaporate off.
I've often washed wicks with warm water and washing up liquid... before travelling... but then I live in a warm place (Brisbane, Australia), where the sun dries them quickly. In general I agree with UCOF that its too much trouble unless you need to.

Apparently Coleman's lamp oil is not the same as Coleman's fuel (white gas) (which is more volatile). And sorry, Trevor, as I have odourless fuels readily available, I don;t usually use anything COleman's so I'm not sure what the smell is like. Like k ero I imagine, that's pretty disgusting. But I'll leave that to a USAian to answer, they use COleman's stuff.

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