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Posted:Does anyone know where I can buy poi in Toronto? Also, are there any park gatherings in the evenings?

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Posted:Try mailorder from HOP.....

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Posted:this is the only place i could find:
..however they only sell one type of poi.. you could always make your own sock poi smile



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Posted:I will be straight up here... I wouldn't buy those poi. Not ever.

Socks are best... then maybe something similar to that with tails if you really want them, but I wouldn't be buying non-practice poi until I actually knew what I was looking for in a pair of poi.

But wwgs, nice thread resurrection, the question hadnt been thought about in almost 6 years! tongue2



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Posted:Well i live in toronto, every second tuesday is a meetin in the park at kensington market (the tuesday just passed was the meeing in kensington) and every tuesday that isnt going on is drum circle at trinity belwoods wich ppl also spin at, as well as certain sundays on cherry ebach...i think there is a facebook group for that... lol hope it helps

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