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Posted:Hello, Home of Poi!

I was browsing through the website and couldn't find where to ask you guys questions about my order. So, I decided to post a forum.

Have you guys received my payment for a fire poi set w/ LED poi heads and cole cords? I did not receive any notice about whether or not you guys have shipped it already. I need them for a performance in a week. How soon will it arrive to Guam?

Thank you for your time!

-Billy from Guam

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Posted:Best thing to do is email info@homeofpoi.com

I doubt they will reply tomorrow as it is Sunday, but they will on Monday.


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Posted:Originally Posted By: bjeterravan
I was browsing through the website and couldn't find where to ask you guys questions about my order. So, I decided to post a forum.

There's a Contact Us tab at the top right of the main menu bar. HoP shop usually emails at every step of the way... order received, item shipped etc. But the shop people don;t necessarily read every post here. So DO contact them and they will reply (in NZ work hours of course).
And I presume you mean a fire poi set AND LED poi heads/cole cord, cos cole cord and plastic won't burn very long or well wink

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Posted:Hey yeah that's what I mean! The fire poi set I ordered comes together with those LED pois. Check it out in the shopping section. & I also scored the cole cords to go with my LEDs. I actually still didn't get any email about whether or not my order has been shipped. I ordered since Monday (Guam time) and waiting patiently. Thanks for your help, bro!


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Posted:Heya Billy from Guam, Feel free to fire an email through to me at HOP central and I will look into this for you....... Will be in contact shortly :-)

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