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Posted:hi everyone, im new round these parts but have been spinning for a few years and keep trying to keep my love with fire by getting bigger and bigger flames smile i started on standard "beginer" fire poi and went straight from there to snakes smile now my next choice would be the 3D deathstars but as money is quite low atm im looking at the 140mm Gorilla Fists, they look tasty but has anyone actually used them and if so what are they like? am i dreaming i can get a 7 beat weave out of them without ripping my arms out? and anyone with pics of em going would be greatly appreciated

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Posted:I have never seen or used them, but I do know they are 8 times heavier than my poi (BEFORE fuel)

I would suggest it would be assured that you would hurt yourself if you attempted the 7 beat. Maybe not the first time, but at some point I say you would.

I would get much smaller poi and actually be able to use them, get the visual effect out of your use of the toy, not just the toy itself.

My opinion is that these things are ridiculously silly in terms of an actual fire prop... novelty or display use only I would say.



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Posted:I agree, they are super heavy, I would never use them myself.

But there are some big and strong people out there who use them and love them.

If you're a wrestler in the WWF then go for it smile

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Posted:i havent used these wicks before. ive used both of the smaller varieties of of monkey fists that are available in the HoP store, and the medium sized ones already seem a tad on the silly side.. the XXL ones however i believe would be completely silly..

but, silly does have its place tongue2


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Posted:Why would anyone want to do a 7-beat weave?

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....


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Posted:To show who has the bigger Poi-peen, surely? grin


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Posted:Personally, I like the 90mm monkey fists. To start with they were hard to use, but now that I'm accustomed to them they are my favourite fire poi.

I wouldn't bother with the gorillas as a general set of poi. Maybe for a 'wow'... but I can't imagine them being fun to spin.


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