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Member Since: 24th Sep 2006
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Posted:Ladies and gentleman,

Here is the first work of collaboration between D. Menza and myself.

The basic idea was to make an evolutionary video, from roundest forms to more squared ones, taking into account bodies, objects, manipulations and background.

Progressively, while the work was advancing, the video went to a medley combining different apparatus on various Parisian sets.

We hope this video will delight you and help you wait the next video which will be dedicated to fire. wink

Enjoy !!

(Please watch it in HQ !)


pineapple pete
pineapple pete

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Posted:fantastic cyrille! i really enjoyed it..

really impressed by so much of it.. i also loved the bit where it flashed between color and black and white.. something so simple yet so different smile


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Posted:hahah I really like your vid man^^. Great contact style, nice location, lovely music and very nice camerawork wink

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Posted:hey cyrille,its neil from dublin.

great work,really well put together and great manipulation all round




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Posted:That was wonderful,
like an orgasm for my eyes.

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You're going to get burned.


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Posted:Loved it, really liked the choice of locations and the silhouetted CJ was a really nice touch clap

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Posted:I like your style, really enjoyed the vid smile

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