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Posted:Hi all

I am an Events Management student at Manchester Met Uni. As an assignment we are putting on a charity event in aid of Marie Curie. Our theme is the Weird and the Wonderful, we are going to have weird and wacky props to decorate the venue, we have 2 well known dj's confirmed and a local "weird" band so far. To make the event even more spectacular we are looking for some poi twirlers, fire eaters... to attract punters and to make the event exciting. Unfortunatley we do not have a budget for the event so everything is being sourced "organically" in other words everything must be FREE! 100% of proceeds are going to the charity. If you feel that you can spare an hour or so showing off your amazing talent, please please get in touch, your help would be greatly appreciated. The event is going to be held at the end of March 09. Exacte date TBC.

Thanks for reading. Look forward to hearing from you.
Gemma - please contact if you can help.

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Posted:Wow! This sounds well meaningful! I am game if the Manchester crowd is interested.

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Posted:I'm up for it, get in touch, put a drink in me and i'll juggle for hours but put to many in me and my balls are on the floor!

I'll pm you my mobile

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Posted:I'm still around Manchester these days, and may be for some time if I don't get round to moving out tongue2

Anyway, although my poi-spinning ability is negligible, I do have a camera thats dying for more usage. If you'd like some pictures to document the day, just give me a time and a place. I'll see what I can do.


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Posted:im up for this as well smile spinning for a good cause - always



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Posted:I'm definitely up for this...

More please...

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