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Posted:I'm planning to take a Vacation to New Zealand as a surprise getaway for my wife. I want to do it in December. I don't want to be in the cities though. We love the scenery and beautiful landscapes there. But, its good to be close to somewhere if something was to happen.

We both get alot of enjoyment in poi and want to visit its roots and experience the culture from which it originates. I've been through areas of Japan and China and know that foreign countries can have alot of people and places tthat are not American friendly. Are there places we should avoid? Does anyone know where would be the best place to fly to from America to do this? Are there any events or celebrations that happen in December that just can't be missed?

I'm kind of looking for maybe a "Tour guide" so to speak; someone to help show me some places to enjoy the nightlife in their area. And, maybe even teach me something new and i can show them.

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Posted:Hello there. I'm not aware of any places in NZ that you should avoid, we're a pretty friendly group of people in general. Hopefully someone replies who is more familiar with our scenic sections of NZ. I live in Auckland, which is probably the best place to fly into (either that or Christchurch, if you're wanting to do the South Island). I'm not sure if Christchurch does international flights, though - I know they do Australia... Basically, I'd investigate places you can fly to from America. You're probably limited to Auckland, possibly Wellington or Christchurch.

I do know that if you're wanting stunning scenery, your best bet is the South Island. We do have some lovely stuff up in the north as well, but it's a little less rugged up here.

December is a great time to come here. The weather is warming up and it's generally not too rainy. Our hottest month, on average, I believe is February.

Not sure about events. Others might be able to help with that.

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Posted:You should make queenstown a stopover while in NZ, fantastical scenery and people down here as well as a pumping nightlife

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Posted:Hmmm well I know the uninats are in Wellington in December some time which should be fun. I agree with Kihi, the south island is by far the best for sight seeing. You should stop by Malcoms place and mow his lawn for him.

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