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heres the thing
I have been reading up on poi and practicing for a while and my parents went to order my first fire poi set and saw on the site "dangerous for adult us only" i explained to them that all risk items sold online must say this to prevent lawsuits
They are phoning my local circus school which i am joining to see if they teach poi so i can learn from a proffesional and then they will order my poi.
If this circus school dosent do it How can i convince them to let me Start fire poi..?

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How old are you?

well, I didn't ask my parents about anything. I just bought my poi set and started practicing. And now my father even buys me lamp oil. You just have to convince them, that it's not dangerous... it only depends on you if you have an accident or not. If you take everything seriously and respect all the safety rules, nothing will happen...

Rebecca_LynchBRONZE Member
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My parents weren't too impressed when they came over my place and I shaowed them some of the fire toys I was learning, and possibly they may be right to be is dangerous, if you're unsure of what you're doing. But if you are confident you have practiced with sock poi for a while and not getting tangled, and you've read up on your fire safety then you should be ok. Just agree with them that if they will buy you a set, you'll practice unlit firsrt and never alone so you have a safety. That way they can be sure you're safe.

And anyway most circus schools will be able to teach you I would imagine.

Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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Along the lines Rebecca has given you do these things...

Prove you have researched all you can about the dangers, it IS dangerous if you don't know what you're doing with the poi and with the fuels.

Research fuels available in your areas, find the one with the highest flash point. D60 and that kind of thing is the best to get hold of if you can.

There are other safety factors... if you get the fire poi from HoP then it will come with a fire safety DVD, thats probably a good thing to mention, too.

But yeah.. how old are you?? Thats a big factor, below a certain age and maturity level I wouldnt recommend it.


LevFiredance Philosopher
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I'd get a torch first and play around with fire in a controlled way, maybe some torch poi? ;]

Remember to practice with your wicks before you light up.
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astonSILVER Member
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Attend a meet with your parents and let them see how it is done (hopefully it is done safely) and the precautions taken may convince them, provided you agree to follow them.

Otherwise, stick to socks till they have no say. tongue2

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squidBRONZE Member
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Originally Posted By: Zuzka it only depends on you if you have an accident or not. If you take everything seriously and respect all the safety rules, nothing will happen...

Even professionals with decades of experience are susceptible to accidents. While the goal is to avoid and prevent accidents, it would behoove anyone to have a plan of action for what to do when the unthinkable happens.

If you want to provide your folks with a sense of security, you should approach safety even more rigorously than they would. Have a detailed plan. It may not be a perfect plan, because accidents grow from the unexpected, but if you can't answer basic safety questions regarding catching on fire, 1st-3rd degree burns, show them your kit and present the order in which it should be used, demonstrate your equipment check procedures, ....everything that HoP's safety video shows plus your own added seriousness for the occasion? If you can't answer those questions you know that nervous parents wont just turn around and say ok.

and yes, you have to show competence in what you are doing. Dont try practicing tons of new moves where you whack your head a bunch. Polish up the basics and make it look smooth.
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dalefBRONZE Member
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Honestly if you have to ask your parents, you shouldn't probably spin fire yet. Get some sock poi, and do it for long enough to show them you know what your doing.

The great thing about poi is that it doesn't have to be on fire.

Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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Most of my favourite movements are too difficult with fire to bother attempting... unless I shaved my head.

Socks are tonnes more fun, no time limit, no need to worry about bashing yourself.

How about some glow poi or something like that?


-sandy-BRONZE Member
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I understand why you want to try fire, its loads of fun.

But remember it can be dangerous, like people have been saying do your research first, have a wet towel on standby (to put out your poi, and you in the worst case scenario) use the right fuel (paraffin/kerosene depends on which country your in, lamp oil, shelsol D60 is the best but can be hard to find. For gods sake dont use petrol :O) and have a person on fire safety duty keeping an eye on you.

Show your parents you can do it safely by showing them your moves with sock poi without hitting yourself, if your hitting yourself a lot then you arnt ready for fire. If they still arnt convinced after watching you do it WELL with socks then show them the HoP safety video and say you will get them to be the fire safety officers.

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