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Posted:Hey going to see soulfly at bristol academy on 3rd O feb,

dont wana sound like i'm full of my self or nething but I'm realy good at poi and never met anyone round cornwall that good, anyone wana meet up for a spin maybe??? ?? ????

probaly drive up on the tuesday n hopefully meet up with some m8s at circomedia b4 gig if ur free? ? ?

Any1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ross x

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Posted:there is the chimaera spinjam on tuesdays - have a look in events smile

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Posted:hi all am in chepstow two weeks away for a motorsport rally thats near bristol,would be cool if i could catch up with someone for spinning activities on the nite,i wanna enjoy all the dark thats left of winter ,thanks for the advice on staff sandy ,would anyone recommend one from hop bout 5 ft that would be best for learning better contact stuff with? cheers

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