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Posted:hehe, can't stop laughing.

So I have this cardboard box sitting beside my desk here. Inside it is a bunch of misc Poi Supplies, on the very top is my pair of flowlights, currently lacking cords handles etc. On the top of each light I have a loop of elastic, this is needed because it is almost impossible to get them out of the cases by hand without some kind of mechanical help.

So my cat shows up and notices the elastic poking out of the box. She can't resist playing with it and snags it with a claw... and get stuck. I notice this because she started to back away from the box and was dragging it toward the door with a *shoof* *shoof* sound. My first thought was "uh oh" and I grabbed the box with my hand.

Unfortunately my cat chose this moment to get spooked and run. Still hooked on to the elastic she jumped backward and yanked the box out of my hand. The box then rebounded on its tether and smacked her in the face. This time she runs away full tilt and stretches the elastic to the limit. As I watch the flowlight finally frees itself from the box and catapults out of my room with an audible "kapwingg!!!" sound.

About 20 minutes later I finally found the flowlight 2 rooms over in my bathtub. The good news is it still works and the battery didn't fall out. The bad news? The battery cover is missing. And it could be anywhere.

Friggen cat. Don't you ever change. laugh3

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Posted:Classic! Cats are always good for a laugh! tongue2



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Posted:have you seen the vidoe called kittyflip? funniest thing i've ver seen a cat do.

cats are golden smile

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Posted:well you could take it in a new direction... cat poi!


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Posted:i have something called crab Poi...thats sort of like cat Poi I guess.


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