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Posted:Alright, I've read through a lot of posts on here to try and find the answer on my own but I haven't found anything that I'm comfortable with so I'll just ask.

I'm a flair bartender and we do fire shows (not anywhere close to the awesome stuff you guys do, haha) by rolling up napkins and popping them in empty bottles and soaking them in 151. The problem is the wicks go out pretty quick and you have to watch out for the wick coming out. I've developed a bottle that uses a kevlar wick (you inspired me) that works pretty well but now the question is what type of fuel to use.

From what I've read, usually the bigger the flames the better but flames that are too big are unmanageable for flair fire shows since the flame is so close to where you are flipping it from. So basically I need something that has a decent flame but not too big, burns a little cooler, and not very smokey. Also any general tips since this world is new to me about wicks or pretty much anything in general would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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Posted:If you tell us where you're from that would really help.

D60 is good if you can get your hands on that, it goes by a few names... but yeah, names are different depending on where you are, so knowing where you are will help immeasurably.



Posted:I just realized that a little bit ago, lol. I'm in the U.S.


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Posted:colemans white gas, available at most spoting good stores and some hardware stores it pretty much the standard for anything indoors. I think it burns hotter then kero or lamp oil but it is the least smokey. The size of the flame will depend on the size of the wick


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Posted:The first attempt I made was with colemans multi purpose fuel, is there a difference between that and the white gas? The flame was definitely too big and it was pretty smokey. By the way, thanks for the replies guys, I need your expertise.
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Posted:Is there not a danger of the bottle exploding from the heat?

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Posted:Most of the time they put the napkins into one of our practice flair bottles which are made out of a thick plastic. I've seen people use bottles and I've never heard of one exploding. Not to say that it can't or hasn't happened but I have a feeling that situation would spread like wildfire in our group. I picked up some of the klean heat and I'm going to test it out when I get home tonight.